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  • Special Note:
    Transportation: ICPTA PhotoTransportation: Inter County Public Transportation provides services to all ages! (Fees may apply) ICPTA services are intended to transport the general public to nutrition sites, medical appointments and other locations in order to access services or attend activities related to daily living, while promoting quality of life. ICPTA 252-338-4480 To receive transportation for our nutrition site, please call Ms. Nellie Sawyer, Nutrition Manager, to receive additional information. 252-426-8309
  • We have snacks and drinks out during the afternoon. These are brought by the people that come in for games in the afternoon. You are welcome to share but if you do then you need to bring a snack once a week to share with all, too. Thanks!** The tip jar is used for coffee.
  • Remember to log off the computer. If you don't your information is available for anyone to read. LOG OFF!
  • To participate here at the Center you must have a registration and wavier on file. If anything has changed you will need to update your registration. Thanks!
  • NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR MEALS ON WHEELS! One day you may need one. Without volunteers this program cannot continue!!
  • HANDICAP PARKING - We have such few places I am asking that they be left for the seniors that are the most handicap with their walking. Same as with the places that are the closest to the door. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • When you sign in at the front desk, please one name on each line, not husband & wife.
  • During any activity please turn cell phones on vibrate or off.
  • Please always have the correct change to pay for activities.
  • Please if you plan to attend an event always sign up by the due date so we will have a count.
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History LogoThe Perquimans County Senior Citizens Center opened in 1979. The Center is located at 1072 Harvey Point Road in Hertford. It is where senior persons can meet, receive services and participate in activities that will affirm the dignity and self worth of the senior adult. Hours of operation are 8 am until 5 pm daily Monday through Friday.

Mission LogoThe mission of the Perquimans County Senior Citizens Center is to seek to improve and enhance the quality of life of our older adult population and to promote their participation in all aspects of community life.
Purpose LogoThe purpose of the Senior Center is to promote the physical, emotional and mental well-being of older adults and to encourage their participation in the community. The Center functions for all senior adults in the community.
Membership LogoThere is no membership fee required for participants. Seniors 55+ years old or a spouse of a 55+ years old are asked to fill out a simple form providing us some basic information. This information remains confidential and will not be released without consent.
Calendar of Events LogoThe Center publishes a monthly calendar of events for participants. This calendar is available the last day of the month. The calendar can be picked up in the front hall of the Center. If there are activities you desire you may call and be placed on the list.
Exercise Equipment LogoWe have an exercise area where the equipment is located. We have a treadmill, bicycles, a stepper, Nu-Step machine, and a rowing machine. We ask that you fill out a waiver and have a short orientation session before you begin to use the equipment. You are entirely on your own to use the equipment. Take it slow and use common sense. Always warm up and cool down. The schedule is posted in the monthly calendar each month.